Recipe Roundup

Here are a couple of recipes I’ve been enjoying the past couple of weeks:

Oatmeal, Flax and Walnut Bread

(img source: Kath Eats Real Food)

This is my favorite sandwich bread. I’ve made it a handful of times and am never disappointed.  I never include the walnuts as I don’t think that they are necessary. And although this recipe is a little time-consuming, it is worth it to be able to enjoy your own homemade bread.

Chewy Granola Bars

(img source: Chocolate Covered Katie)

These bars came out pretty good, although I don’t think they really taste like chewy granola bars from Quaker.  I used Hershey’s cinnamon chips for the mix-in, which I definitely suggest, but I’m sure chocolate would be just fine (as it always is!). The great thing about these bars is that they are quick and easy to throw together.

Whole Wheat Garlic Knots


(img source: Joy the Baker)

Delicious! These are the best garlic knots I’ve made to date. I even substituted 1/2 the butter with prune puree and they  tasted great. Like I said in the last post, Joy never disappoints.

Rice Krispy Treats

(img source:

I actually failed twice with rice krispy treats this week.  For my first attempt, I added 1/3 cup of cookie butter  and substituted light smart balance for the butter.  The treats tasted stale even though all my ingredients were fresh.  I’m guessing this was due to the reduced fat butter.  So for my second attempt I used regular butter, half mint marshmallows and half regular and added chocolate chips.  These came out a little too hard and crunchy.  I guess rice krispy treats just aren’t my thing! Or maybe I should just follow the recipe…

Let me know if you are baking and enjoying any treats of your own.


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