Zucchini Bread Trials

Sometimes healthy baking can be frustrating.  Substituting low fat, low sugar and whole grains for the regular stuff doesn’t always produce the best results.  I have found that to be a successful healthy baker you have to do a lot of experimenting.  Take for example the zucchini breads I’ve been baking lately. My pregnant sister requested a healthy quick bread recipe that can be frozen.  She’s trying to stock her freezer with healthy meals and treats for when the baby arrives (hopefully next week!). So far, I’ve made 2 different breads, neither of which I was very happy with.

The first recipe I tried came from the Peas and Thank You cookbook and is very similar to this recipe.  Although it is vegan and already better for you than regular zucchini breads, I replaced half of the oil with prune puree.  I realize now I should have just left the recipe as is.  I was trying to healthify it a little more, a little too much unfortunately. The texture of the bread was a little gummy. This was partly due to under baking it, but also I think due to a lack of fat.  The only redeeming thing about this bread was the chocolate chips.  So if you decide to make it, don’t leave them out. I also liked the fact that it packed a lot of zucchini into one loaf.

My second attempt at a healthy zucchini bread comes from The Sweet Life.  I cut the recipe in half since it makes 2 loaves and I had just finished eating trial #1.  I didn’t want to be eating zucchini bread for 3 weeks straight! (FYI, I have a thing about sharing my baked goods that don’t come out great – I simply don’t do it, so I’m forced to eat all the bad ones!) Since I cut the recipe in half and didn’t want to deal with adding ½ an egg, I used 1 egg and ½ tablespoon of ground flax for the eggs. I also left out the nuts.

This bread had a much better texture, very light and moist, but it just wasn’t sweet enough.  I’m sure adding some chocolate chips would have helped but I wanted a bread that could be eaten for breakfast (and chocolate for breakfast while tasty, isn’t exactly ideal). I’m thinking that adding ¼ cup of sugar would do the trick and make this bread  perfect. However, I’m planning on trying a completely different recipe for round 3.  Hopefully, the third time will be a charm in this case.  I would love to end up with a shareable recipe.  Or else I might end up a little green from all the zucchini consumption! I’ll let you know how trial #3 turns out.


3 thoughts on “Zucchini Bread Trials

  1. Ah shucks! Awaiting the winner. I’ve also had that same issue with it getting too gummy. Maybe I’ll try one for you and let you know.

  2. Your tenacious experimenting on the zucchini bread will pay off no doubt! And…..go ahead with chocolate chips for breakfast….I use Sunspire Organic 65% cacao fair trade Choc Chips in organic plain yogurt every morning and my excuse is the antioxidant boost to start the day. =) I subscribe to the Katherine Hepburn theory of a good bit of chocolate everyday was what kept her sweet…although “sweet” is not how most people think of her so I double it!!

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