Date Bars

I love dates. Not the social activity but the fruit. I truly believe they are nature’s candy and love to eat them plain, dipped in peanut butter or baked into a delicious treat. These date bars from Brown Eyed Baker are a perfect example of the latter. They are full of sweet, plump dates and toasty, crunchy pecans (I don’t think the rum hurts either!). I enjoyed them as part of breakfast, as a tasty treat and a delicious dessert.

I pretty much followed this recipe to a T (so unlike me), but did use half whole wheat flour and half all purpose.  I think they came out great and am planning on making another batch with my leftover dates. That is if I can manage to keep my hands off them in the meantime.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a big bar fan. From granola to cheesecake, I can’t seem to bake enough bars. They are easy to put together and are so versatile.  I currently have 4 granola bar recipes bookmarked and am looking forward to trying them all!  I am trying to make other types of desserts however, so if you have any suggestions or anything you’d like to see me attempt, please let me know.

(Shot of some of the goods from baking class)

One thing that is helping me branch out from all the bar making is my baking class.  This week was all about breads. I had a great time learning about the properties of yeast and got a great arm workout kneading all different types of dough.  We made some delicious focaccia bread, pizza dough, hamburger buns, wheat bread and a whole lot more. I am definitely going to recreate the pizza dough the first opportunity I get. Next week is all about pies and tortes, so I’ll be making some more decadent desserts. As usual, I’ll keep you posted!


8 thoughts on “Date Bars

  1. Hey Kelly. I have failed MISERABLY with yeast bread this summer. I would love some helpful tips! Keep up the great job!!

    • Off the top off my head I’d say make sure your warm water isn’t too warm. Yeast dies at 120 degrees so it won’t rise if the water is too hot. Also, make sure you mix the water and yeast really well – no lumps! This is something I never did before class. It sure takes a while too 🙂

  2. Per usuual, this post is an inspiration. Can’t wait to try these. As for recommendation, I noticed there is nothing under the cakes category. With your sister’s and brother-in-law’s 30th birthdays a mere 2 months away, testing cake recipes is probably a good idea.

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