Since you already saw the pie I’ll be making for Thanksgiving, along with multiple pumpkin recipes, I decided to skip a Thanksgiving-themed post and talk about one of my favorite desserts: cake. I know a lot of people who don’t particularly care for cake or only like cake without frosting. This always surprises me as I absolutely adore it. And I’m not referring to cupcakes here.  I’m talking about a nice thick slice of moist cake layered with delicious frosting.

My excitement for cake may be due to the fact that I don’t have it very often. It seems like a special occasion dessert, not something I would whip up on a Monday night (unlike cookies, brownies or bars). But after the 2 chocolate cakes I made for my mom’s coworkers’ birthdays, I might have to reconsider.  I volunteered to make the birthday cakes to practice my baking skills and because, although I get very nervous about the approval of my baked goods, I really do enjoy baking for others.

Chocolate cake was requested for both occasions and since I wanted to try something new, I searched my favorite blogs for recipes. I decided on the following two cakes and am happy to report they both received rave reviews. Luckily there were leftovers of both so I can vouch for how amazing they were.

The Best Chocolate Bundt Cake Ever

by Joy the Baker

img source:

As you can see, Joy’s picture came out much better than mine. But hopefully my cake was just as tasty. I was so relieved and happy to hear how much the party goers enjoyed my cake. Especially since I misread the amount of flour called for and shorted the recipe by almost 1/2 cup! Somehow the missing flour didn’t seem to negatively affect the cake. It was moist, light and of course, chocolatey.

Chocolate Pecan Cake

by Tracy from Shutterbean

img source:

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of this cake, but mine looked just like the photo above. I loved how simple this cake was to whip up and how convenient it was to frost it in the same pan it’s baked in. No layers to mess with or bundts to careful unmold. The frosting is melty and smooth and the toasted pecans add a nice flavor and crunch to a fluffy chocolate cake.

The thing that I liked most about both of these cakes was their lightness. They weren’t too rich or heavy, which is something I typically associate with chocolate cake. And although I thoroughly enjoyed both of them, I would definitely recommend the bundt cake for your next special occasion or I suppose a random Monday night. I plan on making it again (next time with the full amount of flour)!


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