Quick Post about a Quick Bread

Ginger Spiced Pear Bread


I’ve probably mentioned this before, but one of my favorite snacks to have on hand is quick bread. From banana to zucchini, I’ve never met a quick bread I didn’t like. As a result, I have a large number of recipes to choose from and I’m always adding to the collection. My latest addition is this spicy Vegan Ginger Pear loaf from Daily Garnish. It is a great treat to have on hand while your kitchen and offices are full of Christmas Cookies and Sweets. This delicious bread is packed with fruit and whole grains giving you a healthy dessert option during the holiday season.


Luckily I didn’t have to make any alterations to this recipe as it already utilizes whole wheat flour, applesauce as a fat replacer and chia seeds instead of an egg. I love when I don’t have to worry about my substitutions screwing up the outcome! Being the ginger lover that I am, I would add more crystalized ginger next time. Also, feel free to use less pears. This loaf really is packed with chunks of pear, so I think scaling back would be just fine.

Now that this loaf is long gone, I think I’ll finally make that pumpkin gingerbread loaf I’ve been dying to eat, I mean bake!


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