Next up on my Bakery Reviews Series is my favorite vegan bakery – BabyCakes! I must admit I haven’t been to many vegan bakeries, (something I hope to change soon) but BabyCakes is so good, that other vegan bakeries out there will have a lot to live up to.



130 East 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

BabyCakes is described as “a specialized bakery dedicated to creating high quality, vegan, mostly organic and gluten free confections.”  They offer delicious, all natural sweets that are free from many common allergens, such as wheat, gluten, dairy, casein and eggs. They also don’t use refined white sugar in any of their recipes and use a healthier fat – cold pressed coconut oil. However, after one bite of their delicious cookie sandwiches you would never know there was anything missing.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit one of their bakeries in LA as well as the original in New York. Both trips were equally delightful; possibly because I ordered the exact same thing! The oatmeal raisin cookie sandwich (vegan buttercream sandwiched between two cookies) is just too good to pass up! I did also try their agave-sweetened brownies, chocolate chip cookies and a red velvet cupcake.  Everything was pretty tasty. The agave-sweetened brownies weren’t my favorite, I’d like to try the regular ones next time to compare.  Also the chocolate chip cookies were a bit oily. But other than that, BabyCakes doesn’t disappoint. They also offer donuts, cakes, muffins and quick breads.


Even though Babycakes’ desserts may be “healthier” than regular sweets, they are still decadent desserts that should be enjoyed occasionally. However, it’s nice to have a bakery like BabyCakes around, especially for those folks that are on restrictive/special diets. I like being able to enjoy vegan desserts without having to make them myself. So if you’re in the area I do recommend a stop in – and I bet you can guess what item I’d suggest 🙂

I’ve noticed that Orange County doesn’t have quite as many vegan bakery options as places like LA and New York. Do you know of any tasty OC vegan bakeries I should visit?


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