Birthday Cakes

I recently made some birthday cakes, one for myself and one for my aunt. Before you start to feel sorry for me for making my own birthday cake, don’t. I volunteered for the job.

IMG_1394I’ve been wanting to make this Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie since my last birthday and hadn’t found an opportunity to all year. (In case you’re wondering strawberry cake with rainbow chip frosting beat it out for last years b-day dessert). Lucky for me this “pie,” which is like a big chocolate chip cookie cake, was already pretty dang healthy.  But being me, I made it slightly lower fat by using a little more applesauce and a little less coconut oil.  And even though this first words out of my brother-in-law’s mouth were, “is there applesauce in this?” I thought it came out great and was perfectly delicious topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The other birthday cake I made was for my aunt, who I heard likes white cake with white frosting. I definitely didn’t want to use a boxed cake mix (even though I think they come out pretty good) and didn’t have a recipe for white cake in my repertoire, so I set out to find a tasty, fluffy white cake.  I decided to go with the Simple White Cake from And for the frosting I turned to my favorite baker and made Vanilla Whipped Buttercream.

IMG_1400Unfortunately, I thought the cake was a little too dry. I should have listen to the reviewers and added more milk. However, I did think the frosting was really good. The technique was a little different than making traditional buttercream frosting, which is why I wanted to try it. It turned out to be a really smooth frosting that wasn’t too sweet.

I also didn’t get the best pictures of either of these cakes, but birthdays are more for celebrating and indulging in desserts than worrying about photographing cake in the perfect light.

What’s your favorite birthday dessert? Do you have the same dessert every year? I always have to have cake since I don’t eat it often. My old favorite was yellow with chocolate frosting, but lately strawberry has been on top.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Cakes

  1. I usually volunteer to make my own birthday dessert, too! This year it was a tiered white cake soaked with Meyer lemon simple syrup with imported lemon curd filling and white frosting garnished with candied Meyer lemon peel. No healthy substitutions but it was full of citrus, and divine.

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