A Chocolatey Recipe Roundup

Here’s a list of goodies I’ve been baking and enjoying lately.  All of the recipes contain my favorite ingredient (chocolate!) and most have been modified (as per usual).

First up is a delicious banana bread from Joy the Baker’s cookbook.  I was fortunate enough to receive an autographed copy of her cookbook for my birthday (Thanks mom!) and this was the first recipe I whipped up.

Mommom’s Chocolate Bourbon-Spiked Banana Bread

My substitutions are as follows:
– 1/4 cup butter and 1/4 cup prune puree for the butter
– 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white flour
– left out the nuts
– replaced one of the eggs with egg replacer

No surprise, the banana bread was delicious. I loved the chocolate chips studded throughout and the texture was spot on – nice and moist but sturdy enough to easily slice up.  I didn’t taste much of the bourbon however so I might up the amount next time!

Next up is a recipe from one of my other favorite cookbooks: Peas and Thank You. I’ve been wanting to make these almond joy bars for a while now and decided to finally make them after finishing the Surf City half marathon on Superbowl Sunday.  I figured they’d be the perfect thing to replenish the calories I burned on the run and a great snack for the game.

Vegan Almond Joy Cookie Bars

In the book, the recipe calls for 1/2 cup almond butter and no applesauce. Little did I know the online version did 1/4 cup of each, which is exactly what I used. I also left out the chopped almonds and used part coconut palm sugar and part date sugar instead of the stevia baking blend. (Again, the book recipe is a little different here calling for all organic white sugar).

If you’re a fan of coconut you’ll definitely like these bars. They are nice and moist due to the applesauce and not overly sweet. I’m glad I left out the chopped almonds as I think they’d be a little too crunchy in these delicate bars. Plus there’s plenty of almond flavor with the almond extract and almond butter. I made my own almond butter for this recipe by simply grinding raw almonds in my food processor and have been enjoying the leftovers with carrots and apples.

This next recipe from neverhomemaker is perfect for a late night cookie craving.  I don’t always want to whip up a whole batch of cookies whenever the craving strikes, so this recipe for a small batch of just six cookies is perfect! Instead of trying to satisfy my sweet tooth by munching on chocolate chips, I can quickly bake up a batch of half a dozen cookies to enjoy for a couple of nights.

Half Dozen Brownie Cookies

I made these a bit healthier by using all prune puree instead of the butter and coconut palm sugar instead of brown. I also threw in some mint chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate and left out the nuts. They ended up tasting pretty healthy but I thoroughly enjoyed them. There is also a regular chocolate chip version which I’m sure I’ll be trying soon.

This final recipe is definitely not a healthy one. I attempted to make them for valentine’s treats for the office, however they didn’t look that great so I decided not to bring them into work.  I ate some myself (in the middle of the night!) and gave the rest away because they were so deliciously addicting!

Campfire Bars

These bars didn’t look like the picture at first so I got a little nervous that I screwed up somehow. I followed the recipe exactly though so I think they just needed to be baked in a smaller pan. (I used 9×9 but ended up smashing them into a 9×5  once they came out of the oven.) Once they cooled and firmed up they looked much better and tasted amazing. These campfire bars are decadent and a breeze to whip up. I also love the idea of making them into a gift-in-a-jar. So cute!


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