Bridal Shower Baked Goods


I’ve been pretty busy lately throwing and attending bridal showers and a bachelorette party for my lovely cousin Erin (which has been a total blast by the way!).  So I haven’t spent too much time in the kitchen baking. However, I was on dessert duty for the shower my sister, mom and I threw for her and managed to crank out three different desserts for the occasion.  For the party, I made French macarons and mini cupcakes and for the favors I made one of my most requested and popular cookie recipes, Oreo Pudding Cookies.


I’m surprised these babies haven’t made it on the blog yet, as they are liked by everyone I make them for and I’ve made them quite a few times. I knew they’d be the perfect bridal shower favor since they are so well received but also because the star ingredient happens to be one of the bride’s favorite candies – Hershey’s cookies and cream bars.

Here is a link to the recipe: Oreo Pudding Cookies. I always use 2 4oz Hershey’s cookies and cream bars as I feel the more loaded with candy the better the cookie!  The only place I’ve been able to find the Oreo pudding is Albertson’s (also the only place I can find cinnamon chips – so it’s the best grocery store for my baking needs). I think they would also taste great with some crushed up Oreos in them since the pudding mix doesn’t have a ton. Next time I make them, I’m thinking of substituting some Oreo cookie crumbs for some of the flour (similar to the graham cracker crumbs that make these s’more cookies so darn good).


Unfortunately I didn’t get too many pictures of all the baked goods since I was more focused on the party, but I think they all turned out great. The cupcakes were a simple yellow cake topped with this delicious cookie butter buttercream.  I used crunchy cookie butter (Biscoff brand – but I know Trader Joes makes some as well) and thought they were tasty. Nice and moist without being overly sweet.

IMG_1810I had to make two batches of the macarons since my first batch didn’t bake all the way.  As I’ve mentioned before, they are a very sensitive cookie and the simple addition of food coloring to make them a pretty pink completely messed them up.  For the second batch I decided to just dye the buttercream pink and left the shells plain. After baking these two batches and not having the best results, I was back on google, researching and reading up on trouble shooting tips (particularly for hollow shells). Now that I have some free weekends coming up, I’m eager to get back in the kitchen to perfect them and hope to one day be a master macaron maker. So expect to see some more macrons here in the near future.

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and enjoying some delicious desserts!


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