Delicious Double Chocolate “Ice Cream”

I am happy to report that I had great success with my first attempt at vegan coconut milk ice cream. It didn’t taste like coconut at all! Not that I don’t enjoy the taste of coconut, I just don’t want my (vegan) ice cream to always taste like it. A girl needs some variety in her frozen desserts! I’m assuming the biggest reason it didn’t taste coconut-y is because the recipe used mostly almond milk. 🙂 (Extremely creamy almond milk from Calfia Farms – to be exact).


Since I’m a froyo and light ice cream girl at heart, I’ve been shying away from the coconut milk ice cream recipes due to the full fat content. But when I stumbled upon this recipe from the talented Ashley of Oh, Ladycakes that was not only made with almond & coconut milk but also sweetened with dates, I decided to take the plunge and whip it up.

I followed the recipe except for using light coconut milk instead of full fat (I really need to get over my fear of it!) and leaving out the salt. I was afraid the reduced fat would make it too icy but luckily that wasn’t the case. As Ashley stated in her recipe notes, the Calfia Farms almond milk helped with that. I’m sure it would be creamier if you use full fat coconut milk, but I was very happy with my results*.

I mixed in cacao nibs and mini vegan chocolate chips but next time I would leave the chocolate chips out. I didn’t really like the texture of chips in the ice cream and the cacao nibs added the necessary crunch.


I really enjoyed this ice cream (much more than the recipe I made last summer) and wanted to quickly make another batch of a different flavor (I was thinking pistachio!). However, I got a little busy with a trip to San Francisco and a move to San Diego. I also planned to post this a little earlier since it is now Fall and the hot summer days are coming to an end, but I enjoy ice cream year round and hope you do too. Also, this pumpkin spice version also from Oh, Ladycakes looks scrumptious and perfect for the upcoming season 🙂

*Note: this ice cream is best right after whipping it up in your ice cream maker and does harden a bit once it’s in the freezer. I have read that adding a splash of booze helps with this since it lowers the freezing point of the ice cream. I’m guessing using full fat coconut milk would also help with this issue. However, it didn’t stop me from eating it straight from the freezer…


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